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Uncle Goose Gift Wrap

Make gift-giving at the office easy: your no-sweat holiday gift guide for 10 types of business professionals

Uncle Goose makes great business gifts for the holiday season. Let’s take a look at some popular gift choices by profession. 

Here's your holiday gift guide for 10 types of business professionals in your life.

1. Time management and productivity experts get a kick out of Moon Phase blocks. Why? It’s because moon phases are one of the earliest time tracking devices known to humankind.

Moon Phase Blocks

2. Innovators adore blocks. Inventors, advertisers, writers, and marketers think more creatively when they can stack and sort with their hands. Manipulating blocks helps innovators create concrete metaphors for abstract concepts.

Maori Blocks

3. Designers feel inspired by colors, shapes, and concepts. The design world celebrated 100 year of the Bauhaus in 2019. That's why we suggest our Mod ABC blocks. This Bauhaus-inspired block set is a favorite with designers. 

Mod ABC Blocks

4. Engineers and architects are born to build. Any Uncle Goose block set will fill their souls with joy. Consider the new Gosling Square blocks. An engineer can easily build a village with this 80 piece set.

Gosling Square Blocks

5. Got a musician in your office? The State of Sound blocks are a hit. Guitar chord cubes and Ukulele chord cubes also make awesome stocking stuffers. Why not give a set to your favorite musician?

State of Sound Blocks Motown

6. Would computer programmers and exterminators appreciate our Bug Blocks? Instead of constantly de-bugging, provide your staff with the joy of exploring patterns + etymology in a block set where nature meets design.

Bug Blocks

7. And what about the scientists in your lab? Uncle Goose Elemental Blocks are both beautiful and useful. Planet, Constellation, and Dinosaur Blocks also make great gift choices for the not-so mad scientists in your life.

Elemental Blocks

8. Don’t forget about the sailors and surfers in the office. They’re the ones with photos of boats, waves, and beach houses in their offices. Nautical blocks and Ocean blocks add a whimsical touch to their preferred aesthetic.

Nautical Blocks with canvas bag

9. You also may have a bird lover in your office. They might hang feeders at home or talk about bird watches and bird count weekends. Let them indulge in the passion with Uncle Goose Bird Blocks.

Bird Blocks Toys by Uncle Goose

10. And finally, flowers are for everyone. Who doesn’t love getting a bouquet of flowers at work? With Uncle Goose Flower blocks, you can finally send a business-appropriate bouquet that lasts long past a mere week or two.

Flower Blocks toys by Uncle Goose

You can make a statement by giving an Uncle Goose block set as a business gift. All Uncle Goose blocks are 100% handmade in the USA with sustainable basswood.

And because we’re good with our hands, we’re happy to wrap your gift and write your note. Let us know what you’d like to order, what you’d like to say, and where to send your gift.

We’ll make gift-giving at the office easy for you.