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Uncle Goose Chord Cubes Guitar Blocks

Blocks Aren’t for Babies

Uncle Goose blocks are a hit with the 2+ crowd only. Toddlers who are from 2-5 like to learn through sorting, stacking, and grouping blocks.

Older children (5+) do this too. They also play with our Classic ABC and language blocks to boost spelling, reading, and math skills.

Teens like to learn science with our Discovery blocks. Others love learning about history with our Eclectic blocks.

Most of all, adults love playing with our blocks. Adults, by far, are our number one customer age group. Of course, adults buy Uncle Goose blocks as gifts for children. But how else do adults play with our toys?

State of Sound Blocks

Adults will use blocks as props in photos. You’ll often see wooden ABC blocks in stock photography to illustrate the concept of “foundational” or “simple.”

You’ll also find adults using our blocks as desk and office toys, as well as coffee table displays. That’s because the blocks inspire conversation. They’re lovely to look at, but they’re also touchable.

You might say that wooden blocks are something of a fidget toy for adults. But by touching and sorting the blocks, adults are also absorbing information, learning, and socializing while they fidget at home or in the office.

Bug Blocks

And yes, adults will use the blocks as props in photos with babies who are under 2. That’s totally fine: use the blocks as a set piece in your baby photos. But then, keep the blocks on a shelf as a decoration until the baby’s second birthday.

There’s a reason why your Uncle Goose states that our blocks are for ages two and up. You’ll note that we say that on our packaging. Our website descriptions make this clear, as well. It’s also on our About pages and Amazon pages.

We’ll say it again. Don’t do it. Don’t give blocks to babies who are under two years of age.

Babies will destroy the blocks. That’s because babies like to bite and drool. It’s not their fault. It’s how they learn.

Blocks aren’t teething toys. Sure, our blocks are made from soft, untreated basswood. If your baby chews on a block, the blocks will be destroyed! Water warps wood.

Remember, babies aren’t into reading, sorting, spelling, grouping, or stacking.  They don’t engage in deep conversations about history, science, and math.

That’s the kind of learning blocks can facilitate. Babies and newborns really can’t appreciate our blocks until they’re older.

Go ahead and buy the blocks for photo opps and decorations. Give them to 2+ children to play with.

Or get them for yourself, your friends, your family, and your colleagues. Adults and children alike love receiving handcrafted, 100% USA-made, sustainable, heirloom quality gifts.

But blocks aren’t for babies. Blocks are not baby toys! 

Thanks for continuing to support your Uncle Goose!