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Uncle Goose Constellation Blocks

Why we call them "The Dog Days" of Summer...this is Sirius.

When you hear someone talk about the Dog Days of Summer, what image leaps to mind? Do you think of an actual woof-woof dog? Or do you look to the skies for your answer?

You might associate “dog days” with the weather being so hot;  it makes your dog pant and flop down in a puddle of drool. Or you might think of the “dog days” as the period of time when Sirius disappears in the night sky and rises before dawn.

“Dog days of summer” is an old phrase. Ancient Romans noticed the hottest part of the year came along with rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, in the Canis Major constellation. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, Sirius rises before dawn during the hottest parts of summer. That's why they're called "the dog days".

Over time, the phrase “dog days” has taken on many meanings. People like to invent their own stories on why the hottest days of summer are called “dog days”. 

Spark a conversation. What image springs to mind when you think of the dog days of summer? What do you call the dog days in your native language? How do you say “dog” in different languages?

Ask insightful questions. What’s your favorite name for a dog? And what story can you make ups about the dog days while you’re sitting in the shade, drinking lemonade, and trying to cool off?

Use the phrase “dog days” to invent your own story. Laze in the shade while you work on your coolest storytelling skills.

PS - A reminder to keep your blocks away from Fido and Fifi. Dogs love to gnaw. You don't want your blocks to become doggy chew toys!