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Uncle Goose Blocks

11 Favorite Uncle Goose Back-to-School Toys

Learning is best when learning is fun! How do you make playing a part of learning? Here are 11 strong choices for learning with Uncle Goose toys.

Children, teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can play about a zillion different games with Classic ABC blocks. Learn to sort, stack, spell, transport, store, and build. And when you're done playing - Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks can grace your playroom or classroom space with quiet and thoughtful beauty. 

Sight Words are words that children have a hard time sounding out. Instead, students learn these words by memorizing what they look like. Use the Uncle Goose Sight Words blocks to gain familiarity with common but hard-to-spell words.

Sight Words Blocks

3. Planet Blocks

Learn the size of each planet. Count the number of moons. Sort planets in order of distance from the sun. Stack them by size. Build you own solar system with 9 colorful blocks. 

Planet Blocks

4. Moon Phase Blocks

What do you know about the phases of the moon? You can probably recognize a full moon and a half moon. Use the blocks to learn fun terms like waxing, waning, and gibbous. Enjoy the special lunar eclipse block!

Moon Phase Blocks

5. Elemental Blocks

Looking at a static image of the periodic table is one way to learn, but Uncle Goose blocks let you sort, stack, and order the elements. This colorful 20 piece block set contains 118 elements of the periodic table.

Elemental Blocks

6.  Dinosaur Blocks

Why not encourage children learn about dinosaurs while playing? This 9 block set features 8 dinosaurs; plus a bonus reptile, the pterodactyl. The reptile drawings are friendly and colorful. The footprints? Fun to look at, fun to touch. The debossed skulls? Far from frightening, children find them captivating.

Dinosaur Blocks

7. Fossil Blocks

Paleontologists learn about dinosaurs by studying fossils. What's the difference between a time period and an era? Where in the world is each fossil found? What layer of rock? Use these blocks to develop a greater understanding of the natural world.

Fossil Blocks

8. Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray 

Find 32 constellations from the Northern and Southern hemispheres in this 32-piece block set. Four printed sides feature the constellation symbol, name, hemisphere, and scale of magnitude. Enjoy the handsome basswood tray with star map.

Constellation Blocks with Basswood Tray

9. Greek Mythology

Gods, goddesses, monsters, and more! This set of blocks explores 32 classic characters from Greek Mythology. Each colorful block features a hand drawn character. Discover their mythic roles on one side. Find English, Greek, Roman names on three sides. Enjoy the Greek mythology adventure puzzle. Showcase these handsome blocks and puzzle in a basswood tray.

Greek Mythology Blocks


10.  Gaggle Grousers

Learn about 8 different animal sounds in this 16 piece puzzle block set. Take 4 blocks to assemble an animal illustration. Flip the puzzle pieces upside down, and you'll see the sound the animal makes. The hedgehog will purr; the goose will honk. What noises will the fox, seal, toucan, dog, squirrel, and fish make?

11. Women Who Dared

Each woman in history builds on the work of another. So why not play with building blocks featuring women who made history? One side per block reveals the woman's name. Two sides feature a quote and a brief description of each woman's contribution. 

Women Who Dared Historical Blocks